Danganronpa harem lemon

In this alternate universe Naruto is a girl and her name his Naruko Uzumaki btw this is fanfic but still has sex. Female Anime characters have always been a victum of losing their clothes infront of others. Whether it be ecchi, hentai, or just some slapstick comedy where they hit a male after ending up in an exposed situation with or without it being their fault in the first place.

This story thread is for those who want to extend that situation in various ways only excluding situations against the rules and wanting to add a bit more embarrasment to their Heroine infront of those who will possibly enjoy it and make their day even worse than ever before. Suddenly, mind control is an everyday part of life in the Naruto Universe: though not everybody has realized it. Inspired by the WWE Royal Rumble match, 30 women from any media will face off in a unique battle royal, where they must force the others to orgasm.

Last woman standing will be the winner! You find a remote control that allows you to teleport and possess bodies in fictional worlds. Tag: naruto Search by SmutMD.

Danganronpa IF In A Nuttshell

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Log In If you were a writer on the old site, you can use your former username and password to log in. Remember me Forgot password?So this is indeed a retelling of DRV3 but with an added twist, it's going to be a huge harem adventure with Shuichi! And yes, it's going to be a a lemon, because everyone love's Lemons. So I think my main problem with "Hajime's Excellent Adventure" is that every chapter was a lemon chapter and I felt myself forced to include lemon scenes in every chapter.

So this time not every chapter will be a lemon, which may not please everyone but honestly it's for me to avoid running dry on ideas fast. So I guess the main question is if there will be any killings, and the answer is yes However they won't be a main focus and not every killing will be the same Mostly because none of the waifus are dying because waifu's dying are just too sad. So Each chapter will have chapter warnings for what kind of "fetishes" will be in each chapter, that away people who may not like a certain fetish can just skip!

Here is a full list of Fetishes! If anymore are added, they will be announced in the Authors Note, also for chapters without any Lemon scenes, the Chapter Warning will just say none. Where am I?

Makoto Naegi

I thought I had opened my eyes but darkness still surrounded me, I tried to feel around but all I felt was cold metal around me. I began to turn around and once I did light shone in my face through the top of the metal in front of me, and once I got a look at the design, I understood where I was. I was in a locker for some reason, I began to push the door in front of me but it wouldn't budge.

I kept pushing and pushing until I began throwing my weight at the door and finally I was able to break through and fell onto the ground "Whoa! I feel down and hit the ground as I quickly reached up and stopped my hat from falling off, but once I hit the ground I heard a shriek in front of me. I looked up and saw a girl in normal school clothing looking down at me with a shocked expression That was understandable, it would be rather weird to see someone fall out of a locker Are you the one who kidnapped me?!

Oh yeah I remember now I was walking to my uncle's detective agency when all of a sudden a van stopped beside me and grabbed me, I tried to yell for help but they must have used chloroform on me because that's the last thing I remember Anyway it looks like she suffered the same fate "I-I'm Shuichi Saihara A detectiveHey guys!

Story time here!

danganronpa harem lemon

Okay, this is but a simple story which involves fanservice which centers around my, and probably, everyone's favourite luckster, Naegi Makoto, paired with various girls of the Danganronpa universe in a series of one shots.

Honestly, he's my favourite character! This came out on a whim when I updated my other story, no self promotion here so don't worry. Also, this is a self challenge fic that I made for myself on writing smut, and what's a better choice than this? There are lots of fantasies which I would like to express, and loads of shipping that I had in mind for our dearest luckster! So why the hell not? Let us get started now.

NOTE: This, like stated, is a challenge fic so do forgive me for being so Rated M after all! A name which is known by many others. She was known as the Ultimate Fashionista. Beautiful in appearance, charismatic in personality and has brains to complete the package I was able to see through her the moment we met.

She tends to cause some mischief here and there time to time, but covered with her To the outside world, she was the perfect girl, to her classmates, she was a mischievous girl who honestly talks a bit much then usual with a carefree attitude.

She was but a girl who's just trying to find 'fun', to ease her dangerously sense of boredom Can you believe it? I'm listening.

What did he do? Junko chose to ignore her elder sister's disinterest and said, "He tried to touch me! While any normal sister would probably be worried, angry or react in any manner, Mukuro simply looked at her sister and said, "What did you do this time? Mukuro tilt her head as she stared at Junko for a bit, then nodded.

He couldn't handle some words is all! Mukuro sighed. Junko wasn't THAT bad of a girl really. She just has this weird While not physically, she was a master in the arts of psychology. Got a problem with a head strong person? It was a small wonder how Junko hasn't met anyone that didn't have a problem with her at all! Her classmates was her usual victims, she herself would cause some trouble, and drag her classmates into it. If there was a chance, she would probably pin the blame on the classmate to feel despair of losing friendship.

Honestly, she does worry about her sister's future time to time.All stories contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of this site claim no responsibility for their contents. Filter: 0 Filter You won't see stories with a lower score when you browse or search. Sakura's private healing 2. Sakura wants a threesome 3. How she spends her time 4. Naruto's sexy new tool 5. A Short Threesome 8.

Hinata's Special Apology 9. New Year lemon special Naru x Hina lemon Sakura's Addiction Ten-ten's Fantasy Naruto's New Abilities Naruto's Lucky day Koyuki's very special visit Naruto's and Hinata's "Appreciation" Blackmailing Kurenai The Crush, the Student and the Teacher Ayame's "special" services Sakura's Desire and Shion's Date Karin's gratitude and Tsunade's news The Doctor Is In Konan's Comfort Howls of pleasure Being Honest I hope you reader's liked Temari's Special Welcoming because this chapter will be just as good!

In this chapter there will be a Naruto x Sakura lemon. So I want to beat that this mouth, and if I do? I'll make a surprise lemon at the end of the month. So far this month I've got 4, Hits and 1, so let's try and beat last month's reading so leave a review, a suggestion or give me a scenario for a lemon. Having another wet dream about herself getting plowed by her blond lover. So Tsunade told Sakura to heal him while she went back to the tower and got back to the endless battle against legal jargon.

He had destroyed his shirt and pants in an effort to master the wind rasen-shuriken. Your looking stunning s usual I see. She was dressed in her old style nurse outfit just for him that showed off her body, the lack of underwear was painfully apparent when she bent over or when she was just standing there.

The tight material doing nothing to hide her nipples. I have to heal your injuries so don't move. One wrong move and I may accidentally give you an extra arm! She molded her chakra into her hand's, causing them to glow green as she activated her Mystic Palms Jutsu and started to heal the various cuts and one nasty red mark along his thighs.Makoto's hoodie has a logo of a red gas mask in a circle printed on the back of the hood, and the zipper goes all the way up to the top of the hood.

He wears a pin shaped like a four-pointed star overlaid on a crescent moon; this is pinned to the lapel of his jacket. In Danganronpa: Another Episodehis hair is noticeably lighter, longer, spikier, and overall slightly more detailed. In Danganronpa 3it appears that Makoto had cut his hair, as it is considerably shorter. He also looks more mature, though still has a bit round face for his adult age. After he becomes the headmaster of the new Hope's Peak Academy, he wears a black suit and a beige tie, as well as a dark blue sweater vest with a white shirt underneath.

According to himself, Makoto is a very ordinary person, to the point that he feels a bit insecure about it. He does have one distinguishing feature, however, and that is his unusual optimism. Makoto is very kind, supportive and forgiving, though sometimes slightly naive. He is friendly, polite and a lot more down-to-earth than the other students. This is possibly the reason why he is capable of approaching and befriending them in Free Time sequences, even the most antisocial such as Byakuya Togami and Toko Fukawa.

Junko refers to Makoto as a "herbivore man", which means that he is likely to be the passive one in a relationship; this is reinforced in his conversations with others.

He is also a bit jumpy at times and quite easily pushed around by some other characters such as Byakuya. However, even though he is sometimes a bit of a pushover, he is also capable of being a very determined and charismatic speaker. Makoto is a firm believer in hope, having a positive attitude about the future, no matter how bad the situation is in the present.

He is also a pacifist, as he believes that killing and violence isn't the answer. While he dislikes despair, believing it to be a corrupting and negative emotion which cannot benefit the world, he is very forgiving towards those who fell into despair, such as the Remnants of Despairbelieving them to be victims of Junko and not inherently evil. The only people Makoto genuinely dislikes appears to be Junko Enoshima, the True Ultimate Despair, and he considers her his enemy, and her avatar Monokuma, who he blames for the deaths of his friends in the Killing Games.

However, even in her case, he felt that she didn't need to die and tried to reason with her when she was about to execute herself, which fell on deaf ears as Junko wanted to revel in the despair of defeat and executed herself anyways.

Makoto is respected by many people as the Ultimate Hope, though he himself is very humble and even a bit embarrassed of the title. In Danganronpa Zeroit's mentioned that he has incredible strength inside, despite often appearing weaker on the outside.

During hard times, he is shown to have the power to provide hope for other people, and ultimately, affect their way of thinking. However, this is not always the case, as some people refuse to listen to him or simply do not accept his ideals. However, him being called the Ultimate Hope is but a title, as he is apparently not immune to the effects of the Suicide Video.

Makoto got his talent as the Ultimate Lucky Student by winning a lottery out of completely ordinary students, which led to him joining Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Lucky Student. In addition to this, he was caught up in a bizarre series of events on the day of his selection which ended up catching a jewel thief and burning the selection ticket. Following the fifth trial, just before Makoto's execution can be completed, Alter Ego suddenly appears and is able to prevent Makoto from dying by opening up a door on the floor.

He is then rescued by Kyoko, going on to defeat Junko herself and survive the whole ordeal. Makoto's luck also comes into play during the events of the Final Killing Game, saving him from multiple dangerous situations. While his luck isn't nearly as powerful as his predecessor's or Izuru Kamukura'shis luck pattern is different from those two, and is difficult for Junko to analyze and predict. Thus, Junko predicted that he could possibly ruin her perfect layout plan, which ironically also made Junko allow him to live for the Killing School Life.

Makoto discovers his true talent as the Ultimate Hope during the sixth and final trial of the Killing School Life. Unlike Izuru Kamukurawho's Ultimate Hope comes from him being the embodiment of talent, Makoto's Ultimate Hope comes from his unusual amount of optimism and determination, which Makoto even comments on.

As the Ultimate Hope, Makoto proves to have an immunity to Junko's tactics, built to make people fall into despair.The casts of students from the three main games are all thrown together into a killing game orchestrated by Monokuma. The motives cause more chaos, the murders break more hearts, the class trials brew more distrust, and the executions bring more despair. But more than anything, the friendships, interactions, talent, and hope are all greater. As of June 20,it is complete at overwords.


Has several sequels, all featuring fan-submitted OCs and the occasional canon character :. At least two more sequels, tentatively titled Rapture and Legacyare being planned.

Rapture will feature the first class of the re-opened Hope's Peak stuck in a city under the sea. Legacy will follow the descendants of all the Killing Game survivors, as they themselves are thrust into one final Killing Game.

The series went through a reboot, restarting the series from the beginning now called Legacy Of Hope :. The series as a whole has been officially named by the author Legacy of Despairwith the reboot named Legacy of Hope. There is now a wikia page dedicated to the Legacy of Hope. Really Needs Wiki Magic Love.

danganronpa harem lemon

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danganronpa harem lemon

Forty-Seven Students awaken in Hope's Peak Academy, to find themselves at the mercy of Monokuma and his many machinations. Their only means of escape? To commit the perfect murder, without being caught in the process. Can there be any hope amidst the overwhelming despair?

danganronpa harem lemon

Legacy of Despair as a whole. Adaptation Expansion : The fanfics take the premise of Danganronpa and expand it a lot by giving the Killing Game participants Character Development and backstoriesletting them act beyond the Killing Game and creating a universe that expands beyond the canon. Anyone Can Die : Plot Armor no longer applies here and the characters are all vulnerable to being killed at any moment. Survived a canon killing game? Not safe. The Hero?

The Cutie?The girls can be found right here. Keep reading. A hand clapped over your mouth, blankets shifting and your mattress letting out a squeak as something leaned into it. Sleep still fogged your mind, and in the pitch darkness of your room, all you could feel was the hand covering half your face…and the heaving breaths from just a few inches away, hot against the tender skin of your cheeks.

Someone had come into your room, and at such an early hour too…no. No, someone had broken into your room in the middle of the night, someone was holding you down as you lay under your sheets…someone was unzipping his pants, the sound deafening in the quiet of your bedroom. You started thrashing, your body strangely heavy and slow for some reason—but your intruder only shushed you again, stroking your hair with his free hand as if you were a child simply having a tantrum.

I would never hurt someone as precious and delicate as you. His voice gradually shifted into a purr, and you tensed up as you felt a pair of lips brush against your neck, pressing kiss after heated kiss into your skin.

And it was then that it finally clicked in your mist-filled mind. Komaeda was the one on top of you. Nagito Komaeda, the weirdest guy in a school full of certified freaks, the one who most avoided because of his erratic behavior…and the one you had found out was stuffing love letters under your door, sometimes leaving whole piles of them to bump into on your way in.

And that was the one who was currently pulling on some sort of fabric, only for you to realize that he had been tugging down his boxers. Your vision blurred at the edges, but you fought to stay conscious, even though it was now fruitless to even try to move your arms or legs. You felt your shirt being pushed up, and your sleeping shorts pulled down and off your legs, before something wet fell and splashed lightly against your stomach.

You only realized a few moments after that it must have been spit, that he was quite literally drooling over you. The words you wanted to say felt impossible to get out, at this point you felt you were only capable of making little noises—which seemed to be more than enough for Komaeda, who sighed and shuddered when you spoke. Everyone else can die for all I care. Moving your underwear to the side, you cringed at the feeling of something stiff bumping at your entrance, slowly pushing in slightly only to pull back out, and rub against you once more.

He stretched you and curled against your sweet spots to force a moan from you, and by the time he had pulled out, his cock had already replaced their spot. He sank forward into your heat, and by then, you could already feel that it had gotten a few degrees colder in the room…something had changed.

Why he was suddenly being so harsh, leaving bruises and pawing at your chest while you lay limp underneath him…a cold panic rose in your throat, that maybe he really had finally snapped. You feel good? You love me! If you had felt cold before, your heart was freezing now. The echoed slapping noises of his lovemaking resonated off the walls, and your insides clenched and throbbed at the surprisingly thick intrusion.

Loving someone so worthless as me must feel impossible, but your pity is so glorious! As he lay on top of you, there was no hope of kicking him off now, his hips bucking at a frantic and frenzied pace now, fast enough that you felt like you were melting…and then everything stilled, and heat flooded your weak, over-sensitive hole.

Sonia Nevermind x Male! Reader

Though it was difficult to see before, you felt your vision disappear completely then, your mind hazy and memories in a fog…. Your whole body felt warm, your skin tingling with what you later realized was an afterglow, and something sticky filled you and dripped uncomfortably down your legs.

You slowly blinked away your exhaustion, moving your hand up to rub your eyes—you could move your arms now. You sat up with a jolt, coming to the realization that not only were you able to move…. You must have gotten drunk, it was the only explanation for your sick feeling as you got up and out of bed…but considering that you could still hear his voice in your head, you knew that it must have been him. With a sigh, you shuffled towards the bathroom, electing to clean up any excess fluids after you had taken a shower—though, on your way there, you finally noticed the note sitting on your bedside table.


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