1969 vw beetle wiring diagram

The first and most important thing to learn when doing a full re-wire of your VW is the basic rules of wire colouring, and how to read a wiring diagram. It sounds obvious but when identifying a replacement wire, every wiring diagram has a wire size number written somewhere along the length of the wire on the diagram as pictured below, this gives typically the diameter of the wire, it is a quick way of distinguishing if you have say several red wires which you should be using for that section, and insures you don't end up burning anything out from overloading a circuit. One standard rule you will find applies in nearly every case is a striped or two toned wire is a signal wire will switch something on or off whereas the solid colours are permanent current wires Power or Earth. This whole module is live and the earthing of each circuit causes the bulbs to illuminate, whereas with all other components work the opposite way as they are mechanically triggered.